Material Safety Data Sheet

To help you prepare your specifications MSDS are available here :

DECK CLEANER - Cleaner & brightener
DEKS OLJE D1 - Saturating Wood Oil for Tropical Woods - Matt Finish
DEKS OLJE D2 - High gloss oil varnish
GELCOAT RESTORER - Color restorer for plastics and gelcoats
MARINE OIL - Rust inhibitor & paint conditioner
MARINE STRIP - Gel remover - Water washable
OWATROL ALU - Marine aluminium paint
OWATROL C.I.P. - Corrosive inhibiting primer - Compatible with all paint types
TEAK OLJE - Penetrating Wood Oil - Rich, Warm and Matt finish

Regulations :

MSDS are released only as general information. The use of the MSDS from this website is the responsibility of the visitor. MSDS are prepared according to EU regulations and are considered to be correct at the time of release. Owatrol is not liable if their content does not meet the regulations of any country outside the EU. MSDS are reviewed on regular bases.

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