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MARINE OIL - Rust inhibitor & paint conditioner

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OWATROL C.I.P. - Corrosive inhibiting primer - Compatible with all paint types

  • Completely seals sound underlying metal.
  • Adheres to surfaces even with minimal preparation.
  • Suitable as a primer with any coating including high solvent finish.
  • Deep penetration of material - may be used on new or rusted metal to form a solid stable layer that other coatings can firmly adhere to.

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OWATROL ALU - Marine aluminium paint

  • Insulates and provides rust protection.
  • Provides good brightness, coverage and lasting adherence with high quality aluminium pigment.
  • Apply direct to rusted surfaces - fast and easily.
  • Resists temperatures up to +347˚F (175˚C) when dry.

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