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Text testimonials :

Personal - George Conner (USA)

I have over 40 coats on my Dory with this product and have found it to be the very best product I have used in a marine application. Thank you for bringing it back into the USA. I was getting ready to buy in in Australia before you brought it back . My boat was built in 1986 and 1987 and it looks very good. Thanks again

Personal - Webb (New Zealand)

I am a several decades long user of Deks Olje, which I use on both the sailboats I presently own, one in the U.S., one in New Zealand. I prefer it to all alternatives and very much hope that it remains in production.

Personal - John Schwartz (California, USA)

Help! We used Deks 1 and 2 on our boat for years. Everyone tells us it is no longer available. We have tried several other NEW AND IMPROVED products. All of which are, in a word, garbage, compared to Deks 1 and 2. Is it now or will it ever be available? Where can I buy it in California? Or, if not here, does anyone offer it by mail order? If it has been discontinued, what the Hell is wrong with you guys? Get it back on the market. Thanks.

personal - Jenny (USA)

DEKSOLJE IS BACK!!!!! Thank you for the info and for confirming that your product is the exact same as the Flood product that we used to purchase. Deksolje is one of a kind

personal - Marty Stores (USA)

Thank you soooooooo much for bringing the Deks Olje products back to the market. We tried numerous other products but were unable to find any other varnishes or oils that brought the natural beauty back to the teak wood.

Personal - Pam (Ontario, CANADA)

Hello: Thank you for the email. I already have the new product and have wet sanded and applied two coats to the toe rail on the bow and have stripped the teak in the cockpit and have applied the #1 and will start with the #2 this weekend. It all looks wonderful and another boater in our Marina is going to use it and has purchased his supplies. We deal with Martin at Port Whitby Marine Supplies in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Once again, Thanks, Pam

Personal - Jose (USA)

Good morning. I am a firm believer the product is the best oil for teak in the market and use it on my sportfishing boat. Please keep me in the loop of information. Thanks again, Jose.

Personal - Robyn (Philippines)

WE are normally in Australia but are now in the Philippines. Can you please tell me if you have a distributor in the Philippines. We are after some Deks Olje number One. We LOVE your product.

Dealers - William (Australia)

We are a Marine Wholesale based in Brisbane, Qld, Australia. Currently we purchase Deks Olje. I am chasing Deks Olje #2, are we able to purchase through you. By far the best and easiest to maintain product on the market!

Personnal - Walter (Australia)

Metal care with Owatrol Oil: My sailing yacht DreamCatcher is mild steel built and 40 years old. She had been used heavily during her 10 years of overnight charter activities around the Whitsunday Islands / Australia between 1997 and 2007. Having carried about 16.000 guests during this period had left traces which were mainly based on weak maintenance by operations managers and crew. At some stage at the end of the 90s saltwater inside the bilges had initiated corrosion, especially in the area between hull plates, frames and ballast (concrete with iron). To correct the problems, I decided, where necessary, to cut out parts of the hull plates and to repair / rebuilt some frames. I decided to use one small part of a cut out plate as a sample for the Owatrol marine metal products. I have neither cleaned the rust, nor grind any area in order to find out how the Owatrol metal care products do their job. Having applied Owatrol Oil onto the bare rusted plate proved to be very efficient. Whilst closely watching the product to react and to penetrate, I could even see small bubbles developing and coming out of the bare rust, showing that the penetration process really happened well. Wet on wet I fully saturated the plate and let it dry for about 1 days. The rust got fully sealed and now shows a mat clean surface ready to be further treated. I decided to do the same with corroded areas on my vessel and filled Owatrol Oil into the gaps between hull plates and the concrete structure in order to reach to areas where one usually never gets access and never would be able to mechanically treat the corroded surfaces. I tried to saturate all those gaps where possible, in order to avoid future moisture to penetrate the crevices and to potentially further damage the structure. Slightly corroded frames and plates also have been saturated after chipping of loose rust but without grinding it completely of. The result: as per my sample plate - the rust appears to be completely sealed and ready for further treatment.

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