MARINE STRIP - Gel remover - Water washable

  • Solvent free - Non-flammable - No toxic fumes - Is easily removed with water.
  • Very efficient - Will remove up to 8 coats of paint in one operation.
  • Will not affect 2 component or baked-on paints, polyurethane paint and varnishes.
  • Does not evaporate - Long active work time.
  • Easy to apply Gel - With prolonged stripping action - Does not run.

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DECK CLEANER - Cleaner & brightener

  • Lightens and restores colour to all greyed weathered marine wood without bleaching.
  • Fast acting, restores within 20 minutes.
  • Excellent degreaser for tropical hardwoods - Removes rust stains.
  • Safe to use - harmless to plants and shrubs.
  • Does not contain bleach.

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GELCOAT RESTORER - Color restorer for plastics and gelcoats

  • Restores original color and dries out to a tough flexible finish.
  • Long lasting and penetrates deep into gelcoat.
  • Eliminates the need for waxes and polishes that sit on surfaces and dry out quickly.

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