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DEKS OLJE D1 - Saturating Wood Oil for Tropical Woods - Matte Finish

Saturating Wood Oil for Tropical Woods - Matt Finish


  • D.1 gives a rich transparent finish.
  • All previous finishes must be removed.
  • Wood should be clean and sanded before application.


  • Sand lightly with #100 paper.
  • Treat oily woods liberally with painter’s naphta and allow to dry before application.


  • By brush or roller apply as much D.1 as the wood will absorb.
  • A new coat should be applied every 15 minutes.
  • When the last coat stands for 30 minutes, wipe the excess from the surface.
  • Allow 3 days drying before putting the boat in service or continuing with DEKS OLJE D2.


  • Clean surface frequently and use TSP (DEEP CLEANER) on difficult dirt.
  • Allow surface to dry.
  • Apply one coat of DEKS OLJE D1 only to the areas which appear weathered.


  • Use mineral spirits to clean tools and drips that are still wet.


  • Do not allow Deks Olje to dry on metal or fiberglass.
  • Dry DEKS OLJE D1 can be removed from fiberglass with a paint remover made for fiberglass.
  • Ask your dealer for more information on DEKS OLJE D1 or write to the address at the bottom of this can.

Information :

Multicoat coverage : 1 to 4 m²/l - 11 to 43 sq/ft
Coverage rate for maintenance : 8 to 12 m²/l - 86 to 129 sq/ft
Application tools : Brush - Roller
Application temperature : +5°C to +35°C
Drying time: 24 h.
Setting up time before use : 3 days.
Clean-up : Mineral-Spirits

Container size :

1 LITER (1.06 U.S QUART)
2.5 LITERS (0.66 U.S. GALLON)
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