Corrosive inhibiting primer - Compatible with all paint types


  • Completely seals sound underlying metal.
  • Adheres to surfaces even with minimal preparation.
  • Suitable as a primer with any coating including high solvent finish.
  • Deep penetration of material - may be used on new or rusted metal to form a solid stable layer that other coatings can firmly adhere to.


  • Remove all loose & flaking rust; scale and old paint back to a sound surface/ edge.
  • Surfaces exposed to chemicals (acids,alkalis or salt deposits) should be washed using copious amounts of water or steam cleaned.
  • Severely contaminated surfaces should be cleaned using an appropriate solvent.
  • Ensure surface is clean, dry and free of any oil or grease.


  • Stir or shake can well before and during use. Do not dilute.
  • Apply 1st coat of OWATROL C.I.P. and allow to dry.
  • Apply a 2nd coat of OWATROL C.I.P. and allow to dry.
  • On severely corroded surfaces apply a 3rd coat of OWATROL C.I.P.
  • Apply finish coat after recommended time.


  • With OWATROL C.I.P., sand or shot-blasted surfaces do not require immediate priming.
  • A light rust coating will not affect its performance or the final result.


  • Any rags soaked in OWATROL C.I.P. may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded.
  • Rags must be saturated with water after use or placed in a sealed, water filled metal container, before disposing with household waste.

Information :

Coverage rate per coat : 15m²/l - 161 sq/ft
Application tools : Brush - Roller - Airless spray
Application temperature : +5°C to +35°C
Dry film temperature resistance : +175°C
Touch dry / Recoat time : 6H. / 48-72H.
Clean-up : Mineral spirits

Container size :

0.5 LITER (0.53 U.S QUART)
2.5 LITERS (0.66 U.S. GALLON)
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